Shop Update!

Shop Update!

Updated the etsy today with a couple of new little goodies from the Indian Summer Collection 2013 (click photo for a link).



I feel like we are in full swing summer mode. Lots of barbecues, potlucks, and hanging out late into the night. Time in the kitchen is hot and sticky, so I’m trying to develop a summer food menu that doesn’t require being in the kitchen every day. I’ll let you know how that goes… That said, exceptions must be made in order to put by and preserve (and make delicious delicacies…), so we found ourselves in the kitchen for a couple of hours last week pickling garlic scapes. So yummy. You should try it if you get your hands on some extras!

ImageHere is what I did:

Prep clean jars and lids by placing in boiling water. They can sit there until you are ready to get started filling them. Meanwhile, boil equal parts vinegar and water and a few teaspoons of salt (I used a 1:1:1 ratio). Remove jars from hot water and place in each jar: couple sprigs of fresh dill, 5-10 whole peppercorns, and any other spices you wish. (I used fresh oregano in some and red pepper flakes in others). Fill with vinegar water to 1/8″ from top. Lid, and process in a hot water bath for 20-30 minutes. Once you’re done, I’d wait about 3 weeks before eating them…let them soak up that yummy brine! Enjoy.


cherries and other good things

When we moved to Virginia we had been rootless for years…we had lived in Illinois (twice) and California before moving here and living in three different houses in our first year. Weary of moving around so much, we settled here and hoped that we could set roots down. While the wind has blown us about and forces both within and outside of ourselves have threatened to uproot and carry us along again…we have remained. After convincing myself at last that we would be in this house for a good couple of years before we find a plot of land, I finally started treating this house like mine. 

Last year I planted asparagus.

This year I have embraced the mulberries and even learned to enjoy the fruit in more ways than just jam…we’ve had a crisp, eaten them in salad, and I have plans to store some in the freezer to see what they might become when we need a little additional fruit come winter.

It feels so nice to be here, fully, in this house…growing into this little yard and the sweet offerings it has. Our little cherry tree has even surprised me with its bountiful fruit this year. What a joy it is to pick fresh fruit in my own yard. Maybe soon I will settle in a little more and buy berry plants…


being present

It has been a long time since I have felt like writing here. It has been a truly long year for me. I have been trying to think about getting back to this space and using it as a helpful tool for keeping record of the beauty in my life while also allowing some transparency to the difficulties and the ugliness that are present in every good life. It is my goal to write here at least once a week for the summer…while I have the space in my life to do so. I do hope you can enjoy, be inspired, and feel as though truth has been spoken to you here. 

Today is real.

Today when she wakes up just a little too early for us both. when I make her chocolate pancakes and she tells me they taste burnt. when its too hot. when the cell phone company double charges my account. when we just have to go to the bank (the errand she hates the most). when I bring her to the park she requested and she complains the whole time that this park isn’t really very much fun and she wants to go to a different one. Today is real. and I want so badly to be gracious. I want so badly to be lovely. but really I am tired and sweaty and do not feel one bit lovely. so instead, I recognize that at least I am real and maybe that is enough some times.

the color purple

that girl of mine is really interested in people with technicolored hair…hot pink, neon blue…but her favorite color is, of course, purple. since daddy is so cool, he told her that she could dye a strip of her hair purple (using kool-aid). i quickly added that it had to be a strip from the underneath section of her hair cause….i’m not the cool one.
our efforts were fruitless. her hair didn’t take the color, but i got some great photos of the process.

lemonade and black bean salsa

her favorite summertime drink*.

my favorite summer time snack**.

* we use about half the sugar called for in traditional lemonade recipes. and we use raw sugar because it gives a richer flavor. its so yummy.
**black bean salsa. recipe is simple:
a couple diced tomatoes, roughly chopped
a smal red onion, diced
about a cup of black beans
about a cup of corn either cut from the cob or blanched frozen corn
the juice of one lime
about a cup of cilantro chopped
an avocado chopped
mix well. eat on chips or as a taco filling. yum. you will be addicted…and that’s ok cause it is so good for you and its beautiful for potlucks!

salmon tacos

yesterday we spent the afternoon floating in the creek. followed up by the most delicious salmon tacos. (there was shrimp and chicken too, but why bother when salmon is involved?)

new this week.

I put some lovely, simple, and clean summer jewelry items at Oxide pottery this week. Lynchburg locals, go have a look!