mama made

I am so proud to show off this sweet baby wearing her first pair of mama made pants. Made from a light linen using my own tiny variation of these Turkish bloomers! I love them…when I get back in the sewing room I will be making more! (And more…for some sweet friends who are expecting little bundles of their own this winter!)


in progress

I’ve been working some granny squares for a little pair of these slippers, requested by my Ry girl. Of course, there isn’t a size for kids, but I used the measuring advice they gave to try sizing them down a bit. I’ll let you know how they turn out!

life skills

One of the things that excites me about the idea of schooling at home is that my Ry girl is constantly exposed to this incredibly real life that we are living. She sees us gather and chop wood, she sees her daddy patch the chimney or build a new bed frame if we need one, she sees a deer being skinned, she sees fish being filleted. She sees a whole lot of what goes into the things we enjoy in life like food, heat, and nice warm quilts. She is coming to this age where she wants to try out these life skills for herself. I am learning to say yes a lot more to the random activities she requests to try in a given day…like practicing hammering a nail into wood…because that’s why we stick close to home, right? So she will see all this and want to learn to do it for herself.


I have always loved a pretty package. “Brown paper packages tied up with strings…” Truly, these are one of my favorite things! This week I got to play with some pretty little packaging bits as I packed up a big order to send out.

That’s my homemade “washi tape” that I found on pintrest…I pinned it here.

my very first tutorial: a booster seat cover

Sometimes in the midst of all the long term projects, its nice to slip in one or two that can be completed in an hour’s time.

Today whilst cleaning out our vehicle, I decided to throw away the icky cover for Ry girl’s car seat because no matter how many times I wash it, that synthetic material just doesn’t come clean anymore and the elastics are all stretched out so it never stays in place anyway. THEN a light bulb came on…I could just make a new cover…a simple rectangle with a little quilt batting. And even though my daughter is obsessed with patchwork at the moment and therefore requested that we make the cover patchwork…it was still super easy and didn’t take us longer than an hour to cut, sew, and assemble. (Let it be known that I did not choose the fabric combos…and all of it was sewn with a five year old running the pedal and guiding some of the time while she sat in front of me and my hugely pregnant belly on the same little wooden chair.)

Here is the basic tutorial (with only photos of the finished project…it was very impromptu).
1. Measure the area (length and width) of the seat you would like to cover. I chose to only cover the areas absolutely necessary to make it more comfy.
2. Choose your top fabric and cut it to the length and width you need. (If you are in the mood for a little patchwork…just make a patchwork section and cut it down to size).
3. Place two layers of batting underneath your top fabric, pin it in place, and quilt to your heart’s desire.
4. Remove pins. Cut a bottom layer NOTE: you can either do what I did here and cut the rectangle an inch larger than your top piece on all four sides and use the extra fabric to fold over the top as your binding….OR you can cut the piece the same as the top and cut binding strips, binding the edges as you would a quilt. Either way should work just fine.

5. Using a 1/2″ elastic or larger, cut two lengths of elastic just long enough to hold the cushion/cover snugly in place. You will have to decide where it makes most sense to put your elastics for your personal booster seat. I suggest sewing a square, as pictured, to fasten the elastic to your cover.
6. Voila! Place on seat and admire!

Also. You could easily encase that unsightly elastic in a little fabric, but then the project might take a little longer than an hour…I decided I could deal with the unsightly elastic.

(the back)


on my needles

I have had two projects on my needles, just waiting, for a few months. I started them one right after another back in the colder months when I was still hostessing at night and had a little extra down time. The smallest of the two is the peurperium cardigan. When it began, I had chosen a gender neutral hue because I didn’t know the sex of our baby yet, but as it turns out, she will be looking mighty sweet in this bright blue green cardigan.

And for the older sister…the tiny tea leaves sweater is in progress.

I wanted to be working on something special for both my girls…being knit side by side while I waited to meet this second little one. I didn’t work on them for months…thinking there was some huge hurdle to jump over with each pattern, I watched them sit and moved them around. I dreaded trying to find my place on my patterns. BUT when Riley started knitting last week…I felt the urge too. It was so special to get the chance to tell her that she inspired me to pick up my knitting and find my way again. So, they are back in my bag, on my couch, and in the car, following me everywhere I go so I can squeeze in a row here and there. So nice to be making progress again.

a growing belly



Imagea growing belly and a growing pile of projects has me getting that hot summer nappy feeling this week. and all along I thought I was going to get EVERYTHING done this week while the shorty was at camp. perhaps her second week of camp? we’ll see…

red and blue and green and grey

i am going to be in love with this quilt. some day.

making: fairy wands

we got a sweet package from our little friend Adele (her mama blogs here: ) and that package was inviting us to be pen pals. we are very excited about the idea of making little gifts to share in the mail. this was one of our first projects…fairy wands.
Things you need: sticks of any size or variety…according to your taste, tape or glue (we used clear tape), ribbons, feathers, buttons, beads, colorful thread, etc. you can be really creative with whatever you have lying around.
All you do is decorate the stick…one end of it being superbly decorated…as it will be the end that you point at things when pretending you are a fairy.