on my needles

I have had two projects on my needles, just waiting, for a few months. I started them one right after another back in the colder months when I was still hostessing at night and had a little extra down time. The smallest of the two is the peurperium cardigan.¬†When it began, I had chosen a gender neutral hue because I didn’t know the sex of our baby yet, but as it turns out, she will be looking mighty sweet in this bright blue green cardigan.

And for the older sister…the tiny tea leaves sweater is in progress.

I wanted to be working on something special for both my girls…being knit side by side while I waited to meet this second little one. I didn’t work on them for months…thinking there was some huge hurdle to jump over with each pattern, I watched them sit and moved them around. I dreaded trying to find my place on my patterns. BUT when Riley started knitting last week…I felt the urge too. It was so special to get the chance to tell her that she inspired me to pick up my knitting and find my way again. So, they are back in my bag, on my couch, and in the car, following me everywhere I go so I can squeeze in a row here and there. So nice to be making progress again.


piles of progress

Things have been a bit unsettled around here. As each of us is moving to a new room, homeschool supplies have yet to arrive in the mail, 5 weeks left until my due date, and travel plans for my love are on the horizon…we are trying to get through these piles of what needs to stay, what needs to go, what baby will need, what needs to washed and packed, what needs to be vacuumed. There are many piles in this here house…but there are moments and glimpses in between of what will be once things have fallen into their new places.

Today I am thankful for:

//the feeling of relief when you dust and rearrange collections that have been on your shelves for a good long time.

//a newly fashioned bed frame that costs zero dollars (repurposed from a couple of these)

//Pieces of lovely furniture and rugs that someone else once loved that I am now loving…

//The forgiveness my garden has bestowed upon me for ignoring it and not watering it for the hottest months of summer.

//The dinners that include my very own harvest mixed in

There are many more piles to pillage through…but there is a lot of goodness mixed into the chaos. And a lot more to anticipate as September comes and brings us new rhythms of life that we haven’t experienced before.



In the Studio

My sweet one is at camp again this week. I have been busy in the studio, again. I’ve been completing orders and packaging them for shipping, getting together inventory for a local shop, prepping some custom orders, and gearing up for a studio change. I have only been in this studio for about 6 months, but when baby #2 arrives she will be in need of a room. That said, I am packing up the studio and moving down the hall to what is currently a storage room. There will be lots of hustle and bustle, a few coats of paint, and some much-needed re-organization and deep-cleaning. I’m rather looking forward to the fresh new space…both my studio and my new bedroom.I will post some photos of the progress/changes as they happen, but for now…what’s happening in the studio this week…

(what’s that? a new banner style custom initial necklace? oh yes!)

a few packages getting ready to go out…

red and blue and green and grey

i am going to be in love with this quilt. some day.