cherries and other good things

When we moved to Virginia we had been rootless for years…we had lived in Illinois (twice) and California before moving here and living in three different houses in our first year. Weary of moving around so much, we settled here and hoped that we could set roots down. While the wind has blown us about and forces both within and outside of ourselves have threatened to uproot and carry us along again…we have remained. After convincing myself at last that we would be in this house for a good couple of years before we find a plot of land, I finally started treating this house like¬†mine.¬†

Last year I planted asparagus.

This year I have embraced the mulberries and even learned to enjoy the fruit in more ways than just jam…we’ve had a crisp, eaten them in salad, and I have plans to store some in the freezer to see what they might become when we need a little additional fruit come winter.

It feels so nice to be here, fully, in this house…growing into this little yard and the sweet offerings it has. Our little cherry tree has even surprised me with its bountiful fruit this year. What a joy it is to pick fresh fruit in my own yard. Maybe soon I will settle in a little more and buy berry plants…



piles of progress

Things have been a bit unsettled around here. As each of us is moving to a new room, homeschool supplies have yet to arrive in the mail, 5 weeks left until my due date, and travel plans for my love are on the horizon…we are trying to get through these piles of what needs to stay, what needs to go, what baby will need, what needs to washed and packed, what needs to be vacuumed. There are many piles in this here house…but there are moments and glimpses in between of what will be once things have fallen into their new places.

Today I am thankful for:

//the feeling of relief when you dust and rearrange collections that have been on your shelves for a good long time.

//a newly fashioned bed frame that costs zero dollars (repurposed from a couple of these)

//Pieces of lovely furniture and rugs that someone else once loved that I am now loving…

//The forgiveness my garden has bestowed upon me for ignoring it and not watering it for the hottest months of summer.

//The dinners that include my very own harvest mixed in

There are many more piles to pillage through…but there is a lot of goodness mixed into the chaos. And a lot more to anticipate as September comes and brings us new rhythms of life that we haven’t experienced before.