Oh, the babies!

My friends are in that age group where a good number of them have settled down and started families. So, naturally, this was the year of the baby and with babies…comes baby showers! Now, if you don’t already know it…my friends really know how to throw a party. And, they make/give the most lovely gifts. (More proof at my own shower!)

For Sarah:







The rocking chair above was made and gifted by the lovely and talented ladies of Regeneration Lynchburg.


today is autumn

a little impromptu tea party with apple tart, snickerdoodles, and a handful of lady friends to welcome fall and all the celebrations both big and small that fall will bring. hope you had a lovely equinox.

baby love.

On Saturday my friends threw a lovely baby shower for me. There was such a great turn out, and friends from every walk of my life plus my mom. It was such a special day. Each of my gifts were so personal from the handmade items to the ones bought with loving thoughts of the babe who will wear them. The food was delicious and the beautiful fresh flowers and simple details of the decor were just perfect. My lovely photographer friend took photos of every last bit of it which can be seen here.

My parents helped me move around things upstairs a little more and loved up my Ry girl. We had a very full of life and love weekend even though my sweet was gone to Minneapolis. I’m feeling so blessed today looking back on it all. Thank you, everyone.


Our power has been restored since Tuesday evening. It was definitely not terrible without power for a few days, but it is nice to have our fans and the ability to cool and cook our food.

While the power was out, I began to feel a little antsy and needed a project for my hands that was not something I usually do. And so began this little quilt that has been cut and lying in wait for some time…


I decided to piece it by hand for now. When I have lots of these long strips sewn together, I will move onto the machine and work there for a while…


(below is where this quilt was last week…)


Ah, it feels good to make some progress on that pile of crafts always wanting to be done.