Shop Update!

Shop Update!

Updated the etsy today with a couple of new little goodies from the Indian Summer Collection 2013 (click photo for a link).


New in the shop

New Dream Catcher Necklace available in the etsy shop now…



Here’s a little preview of the new pieces that will be going in the shop on Sunday!

in the studio

This week I will be finding myself in the studio a lot. I am really excited about some new pieces I have been working on. I’m getting a line ready for the fall and trying to stock up on pieces before this little one arrives in September.

Pieces for a Custom Bridesmaid Necklace order.

Excited to have this large order to get me in the studio and fuel my creative energies this week. I will keep updating progress from the week as new pieces are finished and I’ll finish the week with a big shop update on Friday! Until then…enjoy the sneak peaks!


shop update

I placed some new items in the shop this week. Gonna keep busy making and posting until this baby comes…



baby registry of sorts

Hello Friends and Family!
Below is a list of items I am hoping to obtain for our new little one. Thank you for taking the time to look at this list…I greatly appreciate any gifts you are willing to give/send to help us on this journey with baby girl #2.
1. lightly used baby clothing. I am a huge fan of used clothes/hand me downs. I am in need of long sleeved onsies in sizes ranging from 0-9 months. I could also use some warm pants, jackets, sweaters, and night gowns in those sizes. Any items for warmer weather would be great, too in sizes 9-18 months.
2. Handmade clothing. I would love some hand knit or sewn pieces. Soft wool sweaters would be especially lovely in tiny sizes. Hats would be helpful too! Also there are a few really cute things on etsy (and probably more that I have not seen…) but here are a few I have listed as favorites…dotty chicken tshirt size 3-6m, these adorable booties, floral bear cub bonnet
3. Used or handmade bibs and burp cloths. I found some great burp cloths on that are listed in my favorites, but most of them are made by the seller
4. Nursing pads. I would like to try these cloth/reusable nursing pads from, but I would also like a box or two of disposable ones incase these do not work for me! (also see #20 below)
5. Cloth diaper pail liner from Any of the plain ones are great.
6. Waterproof wet bag for cloth diapers in Echino Savanah Medium also from
7. Any organic, paraben-free baby lotion or baby wash would be great.  Brands I have used and like are Avalon Organics and Earth’s Best, but I am willing to try others and homemade options as well. I love lavender and chamomile scents. I would love some Dr. Bronners Baby Mild soap.
8. I am hoping to cloth diaper. As of yet, I do not have any diapers in my possession, but I think I should be getting some from Beth Mickle by September that I will be able to use. If you would like to help me buy a few cloth diapers, I would be happy to let you know the brand/type I like and would hope to use.
9. Unscented Wipes
10. A cute changing pad or two. Handmade would be great!
11. wash cloths
12. I am hoping to purchase a few nursing bras from an online website I found. (34D please. one in tan. one in black would be lovely)
13. A couple of handmade quilts or knit/crocheted blankets.
14. If anyone is feeling crazy and wants to buy me a sheepskin. I would be so delighted. I do not in any way expect this to happen, but incase you’re feeling crazy, I thought I would throw that one in there!
15. A couple of new or used receiving blankets.
16. Natural diaper detergent
17. superwash wool yarn in yellows, purples, blues, browns, greens, or reds for myself to knit some goodies for the babe!
18. any adorable baby board books ( I do have a list of books on my amazon wish list. I would love anything from that list! I think you have to search Anita Fontaine).
19. hyland’s teething tablets (I believe I found them at Target…they are homeopathic teething tablets made with chamomile….so great!)
20. Soothies (these are a wonderful gel nursing pad that you can cool in the fridge to soothe sore nipples when nursing!)

21. I also do not currently have a baby swing or floor playing mat of any kind…if you have one to hand down or know someone who does, that would be great!

22. I would love to get this little doll as a “yay you’re a big sister!!” gift for riley…

23. lastly. I have had my eye on a few of these wooden toys online: wooden platypus, wooden hedgehog and wooden teething rings!

OH AND A BIG SIDE NOTE: We would really like to be able to travel to see our families sometime after the baby is born..maybe for Christmas/maybe not, but it would be most helpful for any of our lovely family/friends who are in the Illinois/Indiana region to help us get there by donating some money for our trip instead of purchasing things for baby. I know that doesn’t sound as fun as picking things out, but if you are willling…it would be really helpful and great so that everyone can SEE HER! (and the rest of us!!)
If you prefer to just donate money or purchase a gift card, I would happily receive either of those options as well. Gift cards from, Target, or a local baby store such as Baby Bees or Best Start Parenting would be lovely. Thank you again for taking the time to read my list and for loving me and my little family!

fabulous finds

I have been really enjoying all the lovely things I have been finding on etsy recently. Here is a little list of fun/inspiring things that I would have in the mail today if only I had endless funds with which to play…

This incredible terrarium.

This adorable mouse.

This, this, and this print by the whimsical thewheatfield.

These adorable barrettes by my very own mother in law.


This precious hedgehog toy for my little egg.

hope you enjoy and find many other lovelies!


I’ve been really having some fun this week making rings while the young one is away at day camp!


shop update

I posted a few new items in the shop today. I am hoping to continue posting all week long while my little one is away at camp I am keeping busy and stocking up. It won’t be long til I will have my hands full with a newborn babe and our first official year of homeschooling underway…Enjoy.



Hello. I just wanted to extend a little birthday celebration sale to all of you…
Recieve 30% off of your entire order on my etsy  with coupon code
HAPPYDAY upon checkout!

brother raven

i do love a black bird. i know they aren’t the sweetest birds…the starlings eat a little hole in all the cherries on the cherry tree out front and we all know ravens have never had a good rep, but still…a solid black feather is nothing to complain about.
NEW in the shop tonight: