cherries and other good things

When we moved to Virginia we had been rootless for years…we had lived in Illinois (twice) and California before moving here and living in three different houses in our first year. Weary of moving around so much, we settled here and hoped that we could set roots down. While the wind has blown us about and forces both within and outside of ourselves have threatened to uproot and carry us along again…we have remained. After convincing myself at last that we would be in this house for a good couple of years before we find a plot of land, I finally started treating this house like mine. 

Last year I planted asparagus.

This year I have embraced the mulberries and even learned to enjoy the fruit in more ways than just jam…we’ve had a crisp, eaten them in salad, and I have plans to store some in the freezer to see what they might become when we need a little additional fruit come winter.

It feels so nice to be here, fully, in this house…growing into this little yard and the sweet offerings it has. Our little cherry tree has even surprised me with its bountiful fruit this year. What a joy it is to pick fresh fruit in my own yard. Maybe soon I will settle in a little more and buy berry plants…



being present

It has been a long time since I have felt like writing here. It has been a truly long year for me. I have been trying to think about getting back to this space and using it as a helpful tool for keeping record of the beauty in my life while also allowing some transparency to the difficulties and the ugliness that are present in every good life. It is my goal to write here at least once a week for the summer…while I have the space in my life to do so. I do hope you can enjoy, be inspired, and feel as though truth has been spoken to you here. 

New in the shop

New Dream Catcher Necklace available in the etsy shop now…



Life has been a whirl wind. It will continue this way for a long spell I believe…watching these girls of mine grow and soaking up so many little moments like a sponge. These times are so precious. Ever changing.


Little Logo

I made myself this little logo today. Here’s to trying new things…



As Eleanor laid down for her nap, I slipped into my studio. She fell asleep to the sound of sawing while the Ry girl watched My Little Pony and I took a few moments to forget about all the other chores. As I cut my designs and they kept coming out a little differently than planned I learned a valuable lesson. That was all the time I would have to slip away and create. Those were my moments. I looked at my work and decided not to be discouraged that they weren’t what I had planned, they could still be beautiful. Valuable life lessons learned at the the jewelers’ bench.


There are some days that are beautiful and smooth and work themselves out in ways that make it so obvious to me that I am blessed and that I have so much goodness in my life. Then there are days in which I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that is undone in my house…the piles of apples to be peeled and chopped before they rot, the beans in the crock pot that are intended to be dinner, the dirt on the floor begging to be swept…all these things that used to get done before baby E. She’s quite a lovely little handful. And it is on days like these when my hands are full of this work of being mom to a baby again that I am reminded just what a gift she is. I am reminded that I must live in these moments (as messy as they can sometimes be). She will never be this small again and she won’t always need me the way she does now. Her big sister has taught me that a day will come when I am not her whole world…and for this one it might even come sooner (with that big sister to teach her so many things). I’m clinging to the gifts of each day. 


Spirit of Christmas

It started small…on my fingertips, really, with a little bit of red polish with gold sparkles. A few boxes came out of the attic. A new piece of plaid wool dug out for the newest stocking to be made. Some sticky black ginger bread. And things are starting to roll, now, with a tree purchased and placed in its snug little corner waiting to be decorated. Plans by Miss Riley to put out decorations tomorrow. Little ideas swirling in my head for a simple Christmas gathering of little ones that will include hot chocolate and cookie baking.

Simple holiday inspiration here and here. Enjoy.

Letting go

I put a lot of pressure on my self, I must say. Especially in the fall when birthdays, halloween, and Christmas are all heavy on my creative shoulders. I feel this burden to be all the wonderful things I hope I can be…making tons of handmade gifts for all those I love, decorating in a simple and beautiful way, creating that “magic of Christmas” feeling for Riley (and now Eleanor), creating/selling lots of jewelry since this is the season of festivals and my highest selling time of the year!

But here I sit…in my messy very unfinished house with no decorations hung and little plans to fix that…only half an idea of what to do for my sweet Ry for Christmas and one last craft festival to squeeze out before the season ends. For once I am letting myself off the hook. I’m doing the best I can. With two sick babes who need lots of snuggles and a very little time on my hands I am letting go of the idealistic Christmas I usually dream of and letting it just be quiet, simple, and hopefully lovely and memorable with my sweetest little babes who need a present, calm momma more than they need elaborate decorations and gifts.

Season of Busy

It’s the season of busy for us. Lots of gift making, purchasing, and hiding. The number of Fall birthdays coming to an end. The number of holiday sales peaking. January will be still. quiet. cold. So for now, we will soak up all this busyness and try to enjoy it. Even the smallest ones among us…