Lately life has been more of a roller coaster than I would have expected. Having a baby #2 that is teething, has the second cold of her short little life, and doesn’t quite have a daytime sleep rhythm while also having a Big Girl of nearly 6 who yearns for my attention and misbehaves and pushes boundaries and needs to keep up with homeschool work and maintain her social butterfly status. It gets a little messy. I get a little tired. I’m not always patient and kind like I want to be, but I am learning to be graceful and gracious. I am learning to be flexible and patient. I am finding that my whole house need not stay tidy…only the rooms I use the most and that’s manageable. I am reminding myself that I really do enjoy housework and that for this short season of my life most of my free time will be spent on dishes and dinners and sweeping and stoking fires and piles of laundry both clean and dirty…because I must maintain some sort of order for my sanity during these cold, indoor months. And all of these images below are the sweet moments I have been living and capturing to keep in my heart…


About mytangledbranches

I am a mother to two beautiful girls, a wife, and a maker. I believe that life is meant to be shared.

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