School Days

Schooling at home so far has been pretty breezy. One month has now passed and Riley is still pretty excited about school. She grudgingly begins some mornings because she says she wanted to draw a picture or wanted to jump on the trampoline…but once we sit on the couch and begin (usually with a folk tale from her Oak Meadow Curriculum), she is all ears and begs for more when we are “done” with our day. I say “done” because our learning happens all day long, but we do a certain amount of formal schooling per day. I wanted to start keeping some notes, here, in this space for us to look back on. I am such a visual person, so I wanted some photographs and some commentary for myself and others in our boat to remind us what our days are like. I especially want to be reminded of these times when she is so eager and wants to do more and more. Of course, I will try to record our days honestly which will include the days when she doesn’t want to cooperate and the days when I am too tired to want to do any schooling. I’m sure those days will come, but these school days, right now…are so good.

We are using the First Grade Oak Meadow Curriculum  this year. Technically, she is enrolled in our school system at Kindergarten, but we decided that within the Oak Meadow Curriculum, she would be bored with the simplicity of the Kindergarten level since we had done some slightly informal schooling on and off in the Spring of 2012. We love the curriculum so far. There are Weekly Lessons to follow that are pretty basic which allows for us to build our days how we want them to look. We are ahead, so far, in the Language Arts lessons because Riley loves them and wants to do more of them than are allotted in each weekly lesson. However, we fell behind a little on the Science Lessons because they are seasonal and we had started school earlier than suggested so we weren’t lining up with the fall season quite yet. The lessons are well rounded and feel just right for us, where we are right now. I am adding books to further some subjects and allowing room for exploration that Riley chooses. She likes to dig deeper. She is such a curious little bug. Above and below are some photos of our Science Lesson today which was based the store “The Mighty Oak”. We read the story and took a nature walk first thing this morning. It was so nice to be out in that cool morning air, collecting the first signs of autumn we could find.

She wanted to know what the inside of an acorn looked like, so we cracked some open…

We found a tiny little grub inside this one, which makes me want to look up what kind of insect it might be the larva of. So many curious things to learn and find. She asks so many good questions.



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