in her hands

Riley has asked me to teach her how to knit on several occasions. I tried, once, about 6 months ago and was easily frustrated with how hard it was to teach her something I’m not always great at myself. My frustration led her to believe it was too hard and she didn’t want to upset me so she didn’t want to learn anymore which really saddened my heart. When I brought up the idea of learning to knit for part of her homeschooling she immediately said no. I thought I had ruined it for her entirely.

However, with a really big and sincere promise that I would not get frustrated, and a few warnings that it would be hard to grasp right away…we began. Metal needles are not ideal, but they are what we have so we learned how to hold the stitches on while we knit so that sliding off doesn’t happen as often. And after a few short lessons on momma’s lap, she was off…

At the end of that first row she was singing songs about knitting and shouting happily, “I’m knitting, I’m knitting!” She is teaching me so much about myself. She is teaching me how to be patient and how much my patience affects her ability to learn. It is such an important lesson for me to really understand if this is homeschooling is going to work for us…and I think it is.


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I am a mother to two beautiful girls, a wife, and a maker. I believe that life is meant to be shared.

2 responses to “in her hands

  1. Learning to knit is on our school list for this fall, too! Only, I was just going to go with finger weaving or loom knitting. It’s encouraging that Riley was able to manage the needles. Maybe we’ll give it a shot after all!

    • mytangledbranches

      She surprised me so much but she really likes it! She has to be really concentrating…which is nice for quiet afternoons too!

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