updated baby registry of sorts

My friends made/bought me so many of the items I originally had on my list of baby wants/needs, but for those of you who asked for an updated list…these are the few things I could still use. Thank you!!

1. I could still use a few long sleeved onsies in 3-6 months. Any sweaters in size 3-9 months would also be helpful. Used/hand me downs are perfect, but of course we’d take new ones too!
2. Waterproof wet bag for cloth diapers in Echino Savanah Medium also from Lilstuff.etsy.com I know I have one of these coming my way, but one more wet bag would be lovely.
3. Unscented Wipes
4. a tube of lanolin would be helpful for both nursing woes and use on the few wool diaper covers I have.

5. any of the books from my amazon wish list. (I would love anything from that list! I think you have to search Anita Fontaine).
6. hyland’s teething tablets (I believe I found them at Target…they are homeopathic teething tablets made with chamomile….so great!)
7. Soothies (these are a wonderful gel nursing pad that you can cool in the fridge to soothe sore nipples when nursing!)

8. lastly. I have had my eye on a few of these wooden toys online: wooden platypus, wooden hedgehog and wooden teething rings!


About mytangledbranches

I am a mother to two beautiful girls, a wife, and a maker. I believe that life is meant to be shared.

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