the color purple

that girl of mine is really interested in people with technicolored hair…hot pink, neon blue…but her favorite color is, of course, purple. since daddy is so cool, he told her that she could dye a strip of her hair purple (using kool-aid). i quickly added that it had to be a strip from the underneath section of her hair cause….i’m not the cool one.
our efforts were fruitless. her hair didn’t take the color, but i got some great photos of the process.


About mytangledbranches

I am a mother to two beautiful girls, a wife, and a maker. I believe that life is meant to be shared.

2 responses to “the color purple

  1. Michele

    Layla dyed her hair a perfect shade of purple by accident. She got some ink paper that was used to trace Darryl’s tattoo and was playing with it. As soon as she hit the bathwater….omg. Purple hair and skin and bathtub!!!

  2. My pretty (almost) purple haired girl!! Grandma misses you!

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