i’ve been wanting to give rings a try for quite some time. i don’t really have the “correct” supplies required to make rings that are perfectly round and sized appropriately, but i decided not to let that stop me any longer. and so, here is my beginners series of copper rings.

these rings and more will be available on littlepapercrane.etsy.com by the end of next week. i hope you love them. i would love some feedback (both good and bad) as these are my firsts.

thank you for viewing!


About mytangledbranches

I am a mother to two beautiful girls, a wife, and a maker. I believe that life is meant to be shared.

One response to “rings

  1. the one with the orange bead looks really pretty. i’d like to see it on a finger. you’ve got a really good eye for design, anita. love you!

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