blue eyes

she has her eyes and her hair…beauty came through the generations.

my sweet girl and my sweet mommy.

our first day here, with my parents, has been pretty good. lots of talk about what riley can and cannot eat (no she cannot have anything with red #40, yellow, or blue dyes despite the fact that she wants jello and has been talking about it for 3 hours).

some time outside, romping through the woods behind mamaw and papaw’s house. our first fairy house in those woods…

…and the first one i captured with my camera.

my dad (papaw) took riley down to the river to show her the water and she asked him to take her fishing. so they got a hand shovel out of the truck, dug up some worms, and went fishing…on request. riley said “girls can fish too…i think i’m going to be one [a fisher] this year.”

tomorrow i think we will visit the horses…


About mytangledbranches

I am a mother to two beautiful girls, a wife, and a maker. I believe that life is meant to be shared.

One response to “blue eyes

  1. I love the picture with riley and your mom. But I especially LOVE the fairy house. They are going to be SO happy. And I am sure they will make lots of treats without any colours that have numbers. 🙂
    Who could watch TV when there is a world of fairy homes to be built. I love that you have internet access. I love seeing all your posts and getting your emails. They will get me through the next eight days while I wait for your arrival back home. 🙂 x

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